The Source Dimension: Where it all began. In real life, this dimension was crafted in 1991 with the release of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 on the SEGA GENESIS / MEGADRIVE.


In this universe, Sonic and his friends fight the ingenious Dr. Ivo " Eggman " Robotnik for the freedom of the Animal World & Human World. Time Travel, Dimension-Hopping & adventures through Space are also pretty common here.

In real life, this zany dimension was brodcasted to us on television in the early 90s.


Starting in the Fall of 1993, Adventures followed freedom-fighter Sonic and his adoptive brother Tails as they travel a colorful world, righting the wrongs of the oddly large-caboosed Dr. Robotnik and his Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad. Wild chases, a crazy cast of characters, and a ton of laughs welcomed viewers to this dimension of pure fun.

In real life, this particular series holds the incredible record of being the Longest Running Comic Based on a Video Game.


A dimension of many pockets,This series started in 1993, following Sonic and The Knothole Freedom Fighters battling & surviving the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik. But that wasn't all, as a rogues gallery of magic wielders, dopplegangers, demigods, & cosmic entities came into the fray. These comics contained a rich continuity all it's own, borrowing elements from every available piece of Sonic media at the time.

Published by the comic book company Eggmont Fleetway, Sonic The Comic existed as the UK equivalent to what US Sonic fans had with the Archie Comic series in the 90s.


Sonic & his band of Emerald Hill Freedom Fighters duke it out against the forces of a good-natured scientist turned bad in Dr. Robotnik. While the comic is known for staying very true to the original  games, it's also known for it's many differences. Namely, the turning of Sonic's powered-up alter ego, Super Sonic, into a horrifying entity of death & destruction.

In real life, this animated adaptation started as a 2 episode mini-series in Japan, loosely based on the video game, Sonic CD. It eventually re-released in America and the UK as a full feature-length compilation of the 2 episodes, dubbed " Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie "


Here, Sonic and friends are islanders in a world built on massive glaciers. The Blue Blur's closest allies come in the form of the island's President & daughter. Having recently run into Robotnik's dreaded Metal Sonic, our band of heroes await their next adventure.

A anime series brought to us in 2003 by TMS Entertainment & many of SEGA's in-house staff, acting as a loose adaptation of what happened to Sonic & co inbetween the events of games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 & Sonic Battle!


After being transported to an all-new world, Sonic and his friends work with human Christopher Thorndyke to fight against evil Eggman and the alien overlord known as Dark Oak. It's a thrilling battle for the Chaos Emeralds in this action-packed anime dimension!

Officially announced early on in 2014 as the dawn of a new age for the blue blur, this sub franchise saw fan-favorite characters being given fresh new looks & a Disney-like world crafted by the developers of other famous games like Crash Bandicoot & Jak and Daxter, as well as the writers & artists of various tv series like Adventure Time & The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.



A dimension with ancient lore depicting a neverending battle of nature vs. machines. In present day, the battle is continued by the unlikliest of heroes in Sonic & co. The teens fend off the plans of a fiendish Dr. Eggman from a mystical island full of surprises.

Airing years after the Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog & Sonic SatAM tv series in 1999, Sonic Underground gave us an alternate universe of science ficition & fanatasy, where Sonic is born into royalty with his siblings Sonia & Manic.


Separated by their mother ( the queen of the planet ) during Dr. Robotnik's mechanical takeover, the three hedgehogs band together with the help of magical medallions to overthrow the mustached dictator & his bountey hunter henchman. Their vow: to find their mother & bring back peace to the planet with the power of family & music!

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