Hiya! The name's Arion Rashad!

Currently residing in Florida working towards my shot in Animated TV, Film &/ or video game work, I was born in the wee old county of Baltimore Maryland with my two loving parents & little brother.


From stealing my parents' printer paper to draw Dory from Finding Nemo as a toddler, to passionately telling my own stories through comics & animation, my BIGGEST love is creating emotionally impactful experiences with characters full of life.



Being a pretty energetic person myself, I take pride in my work being expressive, always striving to find the sharpest character poses & conveying feeling in the best way I can!


In my time, I've self-published a series of comics at 12 yrs. old feautring important people in my young life as superheroes, taken pat in a number of fan-made internet animations & collaborations, volunteered as a mentor for the Young At Art Children's Museum, & have just started taking the mantle of film director for a Sonic The Hedgehog passion project!


E-Mail: info@miitoons.com


Storyboarding has always been a part of the animation pipeline I've wanted to grow in more! Being a one-man-band for most of my projects thus far, there was rarely ever much need to truly board out sequences. But working on a large scale project like my Sonic Villains fanfilm has finally pushed me into the world of boarding.


Working alongside a slew of wonderful actors means that its often best to board sequences out to give them the best possible idea on what a scene requires & what a character is truly feeling.

WEBCOMIC PAGES: ZerOes- An original comic by Yours Truly!


All work here was painted & drawn by yours truly, but my biggest pride & joy has & always will be the lifeblood of animation; CHARACTERS!



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