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My first Reanimate Collab and an incredibly fun one to boot! The whole episode is about King Dedede ( the main villain of the Kirby series) making a cartoon! We had to remake a cartoon within a cartoon about creating a cartoon! Honestly probably the most fun I've had in my animation career thus far, I love EVERYTHING about it!


Here's the whole collab itself. My scene can be viewed at 8:57!

This collab is based on:

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! ( An Anime From 2001 )
"Cartoon Buffoon"
King Dedede opens an animation studio in order to make a TV program starring Kirby.
(Watch the original episode HERE! )


I really wanted to test myself on how smooth I could get the animation on this one. It was also really fun painting the big 3d-like illustration at the end of the clip! Here's a little " Behind The Scenes " clip showing the process behind the scene!

I also had the pleasure of drawing the thumbnail for the video itself! Take a look at a sped-up version on the process below!

To celebrate and because I loved the project so much, I created a poster full of various artists' interpretations of the characters!


Kirby Reanimated was followed pretty heavily by Gaming & Art News Sites all around the web! So happy that these projects have  become these large newsworthy events!

Kirby’s Best Anime Episode Goes Delightfully Meta with a Massive Reanimated Collab

January 23 2019 by Jeffrey McDonell @

The Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime, starring the titular pink puff we all know and love, is known for its occasional bits of satire and self-referential parody. No episode made that clearer than episode 47, "Cartoon Buffoon."

Fans band together to reanimate an entire Kirby Right Back at Ya! episode

January 24th, 2019 by Ricky Berg @

Kirby Right Back at Ya! has always held this surreal place in the series, taking ideas and characters from the games while infusing plenty of its own twists on world building and design. Even if it never quite appealed to the masses the way the games have, it did have two fantastic gifts in the form of its maximum pink theme song and Dedede’s sassy sidekick snail Escargoon — and now it’s brought about a new kind of joy thanks to some absolutely dedicated fans.

Kirby Reanimated fan project remakes a Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode with content from over 300 animators

25 January, 2019 by rawmeatcowboy @

.This is a non profit animated collaboration. Over a year in the making with over 300+ artists, casual animators and industry veterans alike, coming together to re-animate an episode of Kirby Right Back at Ya! (Episode 49 Cartoon Buffoon) scene by scene. Each scene is done by a different animator. All in good fun!

Kirby Reanimated is a beautiful mix of indie animation

10 February, 2019 by Winona

It shouldn’t be hard to make a pink ball of sweetness like Kirby even more adorable than he already is. You’d think the video games would be enough, but from 2001–03, there were a few years where it managed to have an adorable animated series to take his adorability further.


But it took until 2019 for Kirby to peak, all thanks to several talented people expressing Kirby’s cuteness in their own beautiful ways.

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