Video Cover Art painted by Yours Truly!



▫️ Animator and illustrator in London.

Since a very young age, the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has had a massive impact on my development as an artist & a person. The characters, the games, the music, the themes & stories... So you can imagine how quick i was to jump at the chance to join this collab with hundreds of other artists! With so much skill & artsy fartsy passion flying everywhere, it's always a rough challenge trying to make sure the scene you're animating stands out in a way unique to you. This is the result!

This collab is based on:

Sonic X ( An Anime From 2003 )
"Cracking Knuckles"
After Eggman tricks Knuckles into blaming Sonic for being stuck in the human world, Knuckles challenges Sonic to a duel allowing Eggman to capture Chris, Amy and Tails using E-47.
(Watch the original episode HERE! )
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