Drawings by Arion Rashad


Well, I'm a 21 yr. old goofball who grew up in Baltimore Maryland loving to draw and make comics out of characters I both adored and created myself! Usually they'd be about superhero versions of me and my friends and family fighting some crazy evil overlord or something like that. I've always been in love with cartoons and the animation medium in general. Something about the beautifully exaggerrated characters bouncing around the scene either sharing heart-felt lessons or screaming and doing whatever else captivated me to know end and inspired me to create my own stuff at around age 7!


It was when me and my family moved to Florida at around 10 yrs. old that I started connecting with comic book stores and a wonderful indie publishing company to kickstart those superheroes stories I was making into what felt like something like how "professional comics" were made, my first drawing tablet and all! It was an amazing time being amongst other big name artists and writers at such a young age. Being interviewed for my comics as I was writing, drawing and publishing them was even CRAZIER! Albeit nerve-wracking...

Man I was so awkward. MOVING ON!

It wasn't long after that I discovered the amazing world of webcomics and animation. My love for storytelling and creating characters grew to the point where I had so many ideas for potential ideas, I didn't know what to make.


And honestly, it still feels that way, and I dont think it'll ever go away! I'm always eager to create things and express my love for these mediums that've practically shaped me into the person I am today. There's such an endless toybox of ideas I've got, and I want all of them to be seen and heard. Visual Storytelling is such an amazing way to creating things beyond what we expect, and captivate people who grow an attatchment to that creation that can last forever. I can't wait for you to see what I'm making and I hope you enjoy.... or something, i dunno! Do what ya want!


- Arion Rashad


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