Drawings by Arion Rashad


Thank you for taking the time to visit www.MiiToons.com.

My name is Arion Rashad. I am currently 18 years of age,  I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but now live in Florida.


To me, Art is the ability to ignite your imagination. You never have to be the perfect artist to do this either!


The reason why I draw is because it expresses who I am, which is to say my likes, dislikes, personality, and thoughts can be depicted in any way I want.


Drawing is also very easy. Yes, I did say easy. You DON'T need to draw the best circle or square, that's why it can be so much fun, because there's no right or wrong way to do it!


I am inspired to draw whenever something appeals to my inner self, such as a great story, a great character, or just a fun looking drawing in general.


With so much inspiration all around me, my dream is to either create my own art company, or work as an artist at an already successful company making cartoons, comics, video games and concept art for upcoming projects.


It's important to me that people feel a sense of joy through my art & stories. I want to create fun and compelling content that is globally accessible and appealing !

I do hope you'll enjoy viewing my artwork on this website! If you do, please don't be shy, tell someone else about my work!! If you are shy, then just tell me and it'll be our little secret :-)


Feel free to contact me for bookings, commissions, or questions using the Commissions or Contact links.


Warmest regards,

Arion D. Rashad



JAN 27, 2017 - MAR 9, 2017: Studio 18 in the Pines Comic Fantasy, and Sci Fi Art Exhibition

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