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Jan. 1. 17


Hoo boy! Been almost a whole year since a legit update! Things have been crazy for me in the most positive of ways! The comic is gonna benefit so much from the switching of my former art software to newer, better things! I've just been hustling through SO MANY art events within the Florida area that it's been insane trying to get back to the comic! Luckily, I've developed a scheduele that should work for me in the long term!


I've also been spending the time away to improve imy animation skills. This New Years test is just a taste, but I've got some stuff cooking up in a few weeks that I think you'll really enjoy! I don't think the comic'll be switching to animation anytime in the future, let's just say that I'll be finding ways to intergrate animation in to the comic as much as possible! I just feel like it'll create a much more immersive experience in the long run!


I've got the layouts of the entirety of the first "Chapter'" of Zeroes down, but due to life being busy, I'll be keeping y'all up to date on the process behind the pages you've seen so far and beyond in the EXTRAS page, so keep an eye out on that in the coming weeks (along with tons of other extra goodies too!)


Until then, Have a wonderful beginning to 2017! See ya in a bit!




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