The Origin

The initial poster for th short film back in September, 2015. The logo was made in August, 2017


Devereaux and Lupa came out of a quick and underdeveloped brainstorming session between me and three fellow classmates about what to base our first animated short film on as part of our high school 2D/3D Animation course. It was really exciting but really daunting, as we only had a week to develop the short from start to finish. I mean, this wouldn't have been TOO bad... if it weren't for the fact that each student was of a different skill and grade level, and no one truly understood the programs we were using ( myself included ) as It was the beginning of the school year.


However, it was nearing October, the sequel to Genndy Tartokovsky's Hotel Transylvania was coming out in a few days, and the idea of this forbidden friendship between a young Vampire and Werewolf started to click with all of us! Once we had a rough idea of what the world was like, what kinds of characters we wanted to have in relation to the two kids, etc., we had fallen in love with the concept.


So, once we were confident enough with everything, we wrote down a script for the First Act, recorded voice lines and nailed down the character designs! Everything we did and passed around to one another made us more and more excited to see the short finished!...... but of course, that never came to be. I was in charge of the animation, and given how long animation takes, there was no realistic way we could make what we wanted within the space of a week with such little experience. We flunked that assignment and went our seperate ways to work with other students, despite us all still being friends, loving the work we did and wanting to see the short made.

The Revival

Two years later as of writing this, and the love for the concept is still intact. With my endeavors of prepping for college ever looming, I found it impossible to continue the project as a short film ( FOR NOW. ), so instead, I figured a short, month-long mini-comic would suit the story of Devereaux and Lupa just fine! All that time away has done the project good. Now the world the story takes place in is much more fleshed out and lively, a stylistic identity has been found, and th potential for more stories down the line has grown stronger. I hop you enjoy checking out the newly revised "Devereaux & Lupa: The Vampire and the Werewolf ".

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